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Electric Fence

In South Africa we are always looking for new and clever ways to keep our homes and families safe from criminals and uninvited guests. We have equipped ourselves with so many means of protection: alarms, guard dogs, armed security companies, pepper spray, barbed wire, burglar alarms, and so much more. We are doing all that we can to make sure that we feel safe in our homes and that we can rest every night knowing that our loved ones are safe. We are empowered through our knowledge and our awareness of our surroundings. But you cannot see everything, and you cannot notice everything.

Selecting the Right Security

The reality is that we cannot have every means of security in every home, and the very unfortunate reality is that we need some means of security in our homes and businesses. The means of security is based on the design of you property, and your personal preferences that make you feel the safest in your home. With so many different varieties of safety measures and security companies, it might become confusing to know which is right for you.  The more you invest in your safety the more you are preventing life changing and traumatic experiences.

The Benefits of Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is one of the better options to protecting your home and your property. Electric fencing is great because it offers easy installation, it might take a day or two, and however for what you are getting it is great. It is more cost effective to install an electric fence than it is to install barbed wire. It is a versatile option, as sizing can be adjusted to your needs. It is easier for trespassers to climb over barbed wire than it is for them to get over an electric fence. The electric fence has a long life span.


An electric fence is a great way to protect your property, your family and your personal belongings. Keep your family safe and enjoy every sleep with the comfort of knowing that it you are safe. Contact Guardarm for more information about electric fencing and other security means that would be great for your home.

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