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How Pepper Spray Could Save Your Life - Guardarm Security

There are many easy safeguards that people take to ensure their safety. Furthermore, some people may avoid taking walks alone at night whilst others have their family members or close friends on an emergency speed dial. No matter how cautious we think we are, the reality is that there is always a small possibility that we could find ourselves in a face to face confrontation and that is why it’s important that we are able to fend off criminals.

It may not be a good idea to try and fight off any criminal if you find yourself in a life threatening situation; you may never know if they are carrying a dangerous weapon such as a knife or even a gun. The criminal may also be much stronger and fitter than you which can also be risky if you are attempting to fight them. Additionally, statistics have significantly proven that a criminal is more likely to attack someone that is built small and easy to overcome when confronted.

Pepper spray can be carried as self-defence protection by people over the age of 18; it is quick and effective and works great for woman and teenagers. When using pepper spray it will give you the opportunity to get away from the assailant and get further help. The assailant will be briefly disarmed while they struggle with the burning sensation in their eyes after being sprayed. Never forget that your number one objective if you find yourself in a dangerous situation is to get yourself as far as possible and notify the police.

As it is, pepper spray is just as beneficial for men as it is for women. There will always be a moment where we find ourselves on our own and in serious danger, even though we do our best to keep safe and out of harm’s way.

People should always be ready to defend yourself no matter who you are. Pepper spray can be used when you may be out for a jog or when taking the dog for a walk, but pepper spray can also become a very useful item to keep at home in case of any intruders and in most cases it could save your life.

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