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Personal protection equipment

Personal protection is very important because of the high crime rate in South Africa. People live in fear and they feel the need of being protected at all times. You might install a security in your home to keep you safe at all times but it is also important that you protect yourself at all times. Anything can happen you might get high jacked or harassed while you are walking or driving home or to work. There is different equipment that is helpful and very useful when it comes to personal protection.

Type of personal protection

There are a lot of ways in which you can protect yourself from any difficult situation especially when someone is trying to hurt you or they want to steal your belongings. When you are in that type of situation you feel helpless and it is hard to defend yourself when you do not have any personal protection equipment.

Some people go for self-defence lessons and karate lessons. By going for these lessons it helps them protect themselves in any unlawful situation such as being mugged, high jacked and raped. There are plenty of ways to prevent being a victim of violence and crime. Some people prefer to own a gun but it is important that the gun is licenced and it is bought legally.

Here are the types of personal protection equipment that are easy to use and they are safe:

• Pepper spray: This is an aerosol spray that contains oils that are driven from cayenne pepper and it is irritant to the eyes which are used as a disabling weapon,
• Handcuffs: These are devices that are designed to secure an individual`s wrists close together. They are helpful when you want to make sure that a criminal does not run away or harm you. These are commonly used by the police but an individual can own them for personal protection.
• Reflection vests: This is any clothing that has a high reflective colour that is easily discernible from any background.
• Personal alarm: This is a small hand-held electronic device that has a loud siren that has an alarming sound.
• Protection clothing: Protection clothing can be referred to various things such as bulletproof or clothing that is designed to protect you from heat, chemicals and infections

Guardarm Security

All these devices are very helpful and they can protect you from any danger. Guardarm Security is a security company that has personal protection equipment that is very helpful and that can protect you from any criminal activity that is happening in your home and wherever you are.

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