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How secure are Clear Burglar Bars?

Stronger than steel, the high density polycarbonate bars, provide the highest levels of protection. This means that you can sleep with the windows open knowing that your home is impenetrable to intruders. Used in the aviation and space industry polycarbonate has passed some of the very toughest tests. This means that you can trust it more than conventional security bars.
If you are looking to improve the security of your property then clear burglar bars could be the perfect, transparent solution. They can be attached to your window frames or with custom made sub-frames to the walls so that it is really difficult for anyone to break in. While, because they are transparent, you will still be able to see through the window without having it obstruct your view outside.
The bars are extremely strong, scratch resistant and even bullet resistant as well. Many people have already installed this top quality product in their South African homes and are very satisfied with the result. Not only with the unobtrusive look of the product but also the extra feeling of security that they give them.
Installing clear burglar bars means that it will not be possible for someone to remove the bar and enter the property through break in.
To get started, contact Guardam Security by phone or email and we will provide you with a quote. Only then will our qualified installers come out and make sure that they are professionally fitted. We only allow the very best fitters to fit out clear burglar bars as we need to be sure that your home is fully secure. This can only be achieved if the bars are fitted professionally.
You can trust us to provide you not only with a top quality product but also a fantastic service. We are a family and owner run business and have supplied clear burglar bars system across the South Africa in many homes. We now a competent installation team that is qualified and trained in fitting the window bars. You will get a ten year guarantee with your clear burglar bars, so you can trust that they are manufactured and fitted to last.
Although the clear burglar bars were designed as window security bars they are also useful to prevent animals getting in and out of your home, such as pets getting out and wild animals getting in. You can also leave your children playing safely inside, knowing that they will not be able to get out of the windows with the clear burglar bars in place.

In the business of security, it is important to know that your security provider is correctly accredited and properly registered with the bodies governing the industry. This ensures that the standards and ethics in the industry are always maintained and that you always get the best service from a reliable company. Guardarm Security is just such a company with a rich history in excellent service and a tradition of absolute professionalism with a personal touch! We have our customers’ safety and security at heart.

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