Security and safety is an important element of every home. The automated security gate is one of the highly sought after residential gates which can be the main barrier between you, your home and those who you don’t want to be on your property.

Defined as a method to effectively utilize techniques of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically

Three types of automation in production can be distinguished:

  • Fixed automation
  • Programmable automation
  • Flexible automation

Gate Automation

Automation of gates are no longer just a luxury, in the high-risk environment of today they eliminate a period of vulnerability when a person has to get out of a vehicle to open his gate.

A full range of gate motors make any gate type automatable, from swing gates to rolling gates.

Choosing the correct motor is important as different gates and areas of operation have very different needs, and the right model makes all the difference.

Garage Doors

As with gate motors garage motors also eliminate a period of vulnerability, especially if the door faces onto a public area. Built-in lights help to illuminate surroundings to check for possible dangers, but also allow the persons in the vehicle to safely disembark and unload the vehicle.

Once again a variety of doors can be automated, from rolling doors to sectioned sliding doors. A good installation is essential, so make sure your installer fits the motor properly to ensure hassle free operation.

Remote & Receivers

Most gate and garage motors will be fitted with some kind of Transmitter and Receiver to enable remote operations, but these are not the only devices that can be operated as such.

Using receivers with relays enable almost any device to be operated remotely. Most transmitters and receivers operate at distances from 5-20 meters (depending on model), but long range models can reach 500 and even 1000 meters.

The automation concept, ever increasing in popularity, is becoming a necessary feature to secure your family, home and property.

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Better Security

The most obvious benefit of having an automatic gate or garage door is the increased security. Unlike most these do not compromise on the security of the property.

Any intruders that want to access your property will be faced with a daunting physical obstacle, which can discourage and deter straightaway.


It is inconvenient having to open and close gates or doors manually, considering how often we go in and out of our homes each day. This becomes more problematic if the weather is playing up.

With an automation the press of a button on your remote control device from the inside of your car or from inside your house means the automatic gate or garage door will open and shut safely.

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