What Is Biometric Security?

The basic theory of biometric security authentication systems is that every person is exclusively unique and each individual can be recognized by his or her inherent or behavioral traits. Biometric [...]

The Benefits of Electric Fences

In South Africa we are always looking for new and clever ways to keep our homes and families safe from criminals and uninvited guests. We have equipped ourselves with so [...]

Benefits of Intercoms for the office

An office intercom is useful for many reasons and safety could be the main reason, whether your business has regular visitors or they are a closed complex. You can choose [...]

Home safety tips

Home safety tips We all know that staying in South Africa comes with its own risks. However, even though we all know the risks and the different crimes that happen, [...]

Benefits of clear bars

Benefits of clear bars Transparent burglar bars at Guardarm Security are entirely see through and allow complete light transfer through them and your windows and doors into your home, unlike [...]

Why get a CCTV system installed

Security is fundamentally important across all walks of life to ensure the overall safety and possessions of all individuals are comprehensively protected and looked after. Commercial and residential properties are [...]

How Pepper Spray Could Save Your Life

There are many easy safeguards that people take to ensure their safety. Furthermore, some people may avoid taking walks alone at night whilst others have their family members or close [...]

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