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What is it?

Roboguard perimeter alarm system is an early warning alarm system, designed to give you enough time to respond proactively to intruders and to reverse the element of surprise from them to you.

Roboguard is a wireless outside perimeter beam security system, which is mobile and can protect your home, garden, carport, parking area etc., it can also be moved and used when traveling / camping. It’s unique design gives you maximum coverage from a single sensor (110° arc up to 20m far) thus enabling you to cover two sides of a building with one sensor. With such advanced technology, alarm activations are minimized

Designed and manufactured in South Africa for South African conditions makes backup and support of this early warning system readily available.

Why do we need it?

While crime will never go away, everyone is looking for an easier cost effective security measures which is efficient and economical, not everyone can afford a platoon of security guards. Roboguards require only initial installation cost and are more reliable than a human guard.

How does it work?

Fitted with sensors which will detect any intruder with the help of a beam and then transmits the message to main base station called a HQ. As a wireless solution it can be easily installed depending upon consumer’s needs. It has protective range of 20 meters in radius and the HQ can accommodate up to 8-beams If any intruder with wrong intention tries to break into a property the HQ will trigger an event and alert the property owner.

There is several systems which are available based on the application.

Residential system: This system is mainly designed for the protection of a property like a house or an apartment. This system protects from human intruders

Industrial system: This system is mainly designed for business environment but rest is similar to the residential systems. They have larger network than residential system

Benefits of Roboguard Security

  • Easy to install
  • Battery operated with up to 3-year life span
  • Wireless technology
  • Tamper warning
  • Low battery warning
  • Waterproof and tamper resistant
  • HQ can be expanded to sirens, lights, and alarms systems

In the business of security, it is important to know that your security provider is correctly accredited and properly registered with the bodies governing the industry. This ensures that the standards and ethics in the industry are always maintained and that you always get the best service from a reliable company.

Guardarm Security is just such a company with a rich history in excellent service and a tradition of absolute professionalism with a personal touch!

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